Gonda Conference Room Reservations

(Continue below to reserve the Gonda building 1st floor conference room. To reserve the BRI Gonda 2nd or 3rd floor conference rooms, click here). To reserve the HG Gonda 4th, 5th, or 6th floor conference rooms, click here.

Welcome to the reservation page for the Gonda Building 1st floor conference room. Please complete the request for room reservation information below if you would like to schedule use of the conference room. Please note, all events scheduled in the Gonda conference room must end by close of the business day (i.e., 5:00pm, Monday through Friday) unless prior arrangements are made for after hour use. Staff from the Gonda Building will respond to your request by e-mail within three (3) business days. Please provide at least three (3) days' notice for all requests. Please note that on very rare occasions, at the Director's discretion, a reservation may be cancelled for a special event. Make sure to notify us if your plans change and no longer need the reservation! (Repeated no-shows may result in revoked reservation privileges.)

Please click here to cancel or reschedule a prior reservation.

Room layout options

The 1st floor conference room will be set up in theatre-style with 63 chairs facing north. If any other room configuration style is requested, the user must provide their own staff personnel to change the room AND then return the room to a theatre-style configuration as soon as the meeting is completed. The default layout of the room will always be theatre-style facing north.

Food service is permitted in the conference room. There is a 12' long counter in the back of the room (south end) that can be used for placing food and drinks. Sponsoring departments will be charged for spills that require carpet cleaning or other damage due to use or misuse of the room and equipment. You must indicate on your reservation request who will be catering your food service, and you must arrange for pick-up of supplies immediately following your event.

Room use policy

As part of the Gonda (Goldschmied) Neuroscience and Genetics Research Center, the 1st floor Gonda Conference Room is intended to provide space only for the occupants of the Gonda Building, along with the DGSOM Dean's Office. For any special exception requests, please contact the BRI Administration Office at X-55061.

Audio visual equipment

The 1st floor Gonda Conference Room has been renovated and now has telemedicine capacity with a 9 screen display. If you are having a PowerPoint presentation, you will need to provide your own laptop. There is still a white screen in the front of the room that can be lowered from the ceiling for PowerPoint presentations. There is also an LCD projector built into the wall in the back of the room. Hook-ups for the laptop to LCD are located on the podium in the front of the room. If you are requesting the room for a telemedicine event, please note on the reservation form "yes" for telemedicine.

Online Room Reservation Request

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Special requests

UCLA Mednet Email Users using Outlook on Windows: Please verify your reservation by checking the viewable Gonda Conference Room Calendar. To check the viewable calendar, go to your Microsoft Outlook folder list and click "All Public Folders," located at the bottom of the list. Then open the "Gonda/BRI Conference Rooms" subfolder and click open the GONDA First Floor Conference Room calendar, viewable for all Mednet users.


For specific questions (not for routine reservation requests) or to modify a reservation:

Sandra Alvarez — SandraAlvarez@mednet.ucla.edu, x5-5061
Jasmine Serrano — JDSerrano@mednet.ucla.edu, x5-0616