Confocal and 2-Photon Laser Scanning Microscopy

The Carol Moss Spivak Cell Imaging Facility is currently setup to perform confocal and 2-photon laser-scanning microscopy for members of the UCLA biomedical community. At this time, the Facility has a Leica TCS SP MP Inverted Confocal Microscope, and a Leica TCS-SP MP Fixed-Stage Upright Confocal Microscope. These microscopes are housed near the BRI Offices in Room 1524 of the Gonda (Goldschmied) Center for Neuroscience and Genetics.

The Leica Microscopes have three lasers each, an argon, a krypton, and a helium-neon which are connected to the microscopes by a fiber optic and produce laser excitation lines at 476 (near blue) 488 (blue), 568 (yellow) and 633 (far red) nm. These microscopes are also connected via fiber optic to a A Spectra-Physics Integrated Two-Photon Laser System comprises a Millenia-X-P solid state laser and a Model 3941-M Tsunami Ti:Sapphire laser. The Millenia is a high power, diode pumped solid state laser that can produce >10W continuous power at 532nm. The Tsunami is a regeneratively mode-locked Ti:Sapphire laser and is used in the picosecond configuration. This combination can be tuned to deliver a pulsed tunable infrared beam anywhere between 780 and 900 nm for two photon excitation.* The systems are equipped with three reflectance/fluorescence photomultiplier/ detectors and one transmitted light detector. Simultaneous use of the 2-photon laser by both microscopes is possible provided that the users of each microscope setup can use the same infrared beam wavelength.

The Facility also has a Tektronix 440 Phaser dye sublimation printer for color print output and a Lasergraphics Personal LFR Plus film graphics recorder for 35 mm slide output.

Some equipment is also available for setting up physiological experiments with the confocal and 2-photon scanning microscopes. These include an Axon Instruments Axopatch 200B Patch Amplifier, a Burleigh micromanipulator, and a Hammamatsu video camera for IR-DIC imaging.

Dr. Matt Schibler is in charge of the operation and upkeep of the facility. He has run the Facility at UCLA for two years and has had five years experience running Zeiss LSM microscopes and previously set up and ran a light microscope facility at the Burnham Institute (formerly the La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation). Please contact him at x59783 (310-825-9783 off campus) or by E-mail ( to be trained in the use of the microscope or to assist you in examining your specimens.

*The 2-Photon laser system produces 10.5 W of 532 nm green light from the Millenia laser and 7.5 W of INVISIBLE infrared laser beam radiation and both lasers are Class IV. To use these lasers, you will be required to sign a use consent form and agree to abide by the facility rules for safe use.

Training, Assisted Confocal and 2-Photon Microscopy, and Consultation $45.00/hr.
Confocal and 2-Photon Microscope Time (Unassisted) $20.00/hr
One confocal/2-Photon microscope may be reserved for long-term (multi-day-->1 week) experiments at the discretion of the Facility Supervisor. Special rates (somewhat negotiable) are available for such use and should be discussed with the Facility Supervisor.
Dye sublimation prints from Tektronix Phaser 440 dye sublimation printer
Use of Lasergraphics LFR for shooting Slide film for 2X2 presentation slides.
Commercial Users:
Training, Assisted Confocal and 2-Photon Microscopy, and Consultation. $150.00/hr
Confocal and 2-Photon Microscope Time (Unassisted) $100.00/hr

*This recharge schedule reflects our need to cover costs of salaries, service contracts, supplies, and future equipment for the facility.

CONTACT: Dr. Matt Schibler, x59783 (310-825-9783 off campus) or E-mail :

Microscopic Techniques Laboratory

The Microscopic Techniques Laboratory is located on the first floor of the Gonda (Goldschmied) Neuroscience and Genetics Research Center, Room 1346. This facility is prepared to give instructions in microscopic techniques and assist you in preparing tissue specimens for light microscopic observation.

Histological procedures available include some immunocytochemistry staining, special stains, paraffin sectioning, slide preparation for in situ hybridization, cryostat sectioning, plastic embedding and sectioning. The laboratory also provides staining setups, a cryostat, microtomes, and a Nikon photomicroscope for use by trained personnel.

The Microscopic Techniques Laboratory Director is Sirus Kohan, x59848 (310-825-9848) or x68054 (310-206-8054), To use the laboratory and its facilities, you must obtain an Investigator Authorization Form from the Microscopic Techniques Laboratory. Please contact the Laboratory Director, Sirus Kohan, for information on current prices and services.

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

The Electron Microscopy Laboratory, in Room 63-377 CHS, houses a JEOL 100CX transmission electron microscope. A Reichert Ultracut ultramicrotome is also available for use by trained personnel. (NOTE: The facility does not supply diamond knives; you must use your own).

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